Professor Puzzle - Great Minds - Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle

Professor Puzzle

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Just one piece from the Great Minds puzzle range! Will you be able to master this challenging wooden brainteaser?   Aim: Place the ‘bullet’ inside the ‘cup’. Then place the cup on a flat surface (the point of the bullet should be visible & facing upwards). Can you work out how to remove the bullet without moving the cup?     Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)   Famous for observing an apple fall from a tree, from which he formulated the theory of gravity – the invisible force that draws everything towards the centre of the Earth, and keeps the Earth and other planets orbiting around the Sun. He experimented with prisms, splitting a beam of light and proving that white light is made up of a spectrum of all the colours.  
  • Autor: Professor Puzzle
  • Producent: Professor Puzzle
  • Rok wydania: 2015
  • Stan: nowy, pełnowartościowy produkt
  • Model: 5060036531287
  • Język: polski, angielski
  • EAN: 5060036531287
  • Wymiary: 09.0x06.0x5 cm
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